About Us

About Us

DJ Mole switched to digital DJing at the end of 2008. The first trials were made with the software Traktor Scratch from Native Instruments, Audio 8DJ Interface and timecode vinyls.

When in early 2009, the software Traktor Pro from Native Instruments was launched, the method of the DJing from Dj Mole became clear. Four decks are activated by a midi controller and mixed with the internal mixer. Therefore, nothing but an appropriate midi controller had to be purchased. However, only two channel controller or mixer with internal interfaces were available at that time.

Based on the FADERFOX principle, DJ Mole has developed a mixer of its own. A mixer made from components of highest quality, well laid out and containing LED buttons to indicate active functions was invented. The housing was produced by machining a solid aluminum cube, which was subsequently anodised and printed.

About Us

In January 2010 a Youtube video was posted on the Bassdas website as additional DJ information, which initiated a huge flow of requests about the production of the controller. As a result, a new version of the 4midiloop controller ready for series production was developed in collaboration with FADERFOX.

The overall concept of 4midiloop is to manufacture with top quality materials and selection of components, as well as presenting a manageable and modern club design with innovative technology.

The housing is machined from a single piece of recycling aluminium also used in the Swiss aircraft industry. It consists of a front panel, frame and base plate. Näf Marcel aka massivefunk produces the housing. His experience in machining of aluminium is the foundation for the precious housing.

About Us

The circuit boards are developed and produced by FADERFOX . The high quality standard is also reflected in FADERFOX's controllers DJ2/DX2, which have been in use in various clubs all over the world for several years. By close contact with DJ's and producers, wide experience has been gained and technical "know-how" implemented.

3rd generation of micromudul controllers now available!

A lot of new features like USB connection, better controls, access to four decks and much more!

An indestructible, smooth running line and crossfader from ECLECTIC BREAKS are also part of the "Heavy Duty" concept of 4midiloop.

Unlike other fader manufacturers, Pro X Fade uses true 100% conductive plastic tracks giving the fader a longer life.


4TrackTrigger is the latest Traktor-Weapon made by the German Faderfox and the Swiss Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions.

A compact and uncompromising 4 Deck Controller fitted in a high end aluminium case.

This new instrument is designed with passion for detail and is handmade in Switzerland / Germany. It is the ultimate instrument made by professionals for professionals.

It comes with extensive details and a lot of new control features.

And everything is fitted into an ergonomically and functional aluminium case, powered by Faderfox!