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July 23, 2012

Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions announced the new 4TrackTrigger, a Traktor controller which will be available in August. The new controller is constructed by the German concern Faderfox and Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions.

The button and knob-laden 4 Deck Controller, specifically designed for Traktor Pro 2.5 in the external mixer mode, claims to be "the ultimate instrument made by professionals for professionals.

There are 150 buttons in different colors and sizes made to trigger hot cues, start samples and activate effects. Six displays and 172 LED's for loop length, loop recorder and master clock. 17 encoder is for quick access to functions like browse, seek loop-size and loop-move which are a must for a modern digital DJ. 2 additional pedal connections rear sided to control every effect parameter on the fly.


Hardware Specifications

  • 17 Potentiometer, FX, Loop Recorder
  • 17 Push Encoder, Browser / Load, Seek / Play, Loop Size / move
  • Rubber knobs for best tactile feeling
  • 188 Led's different colors to display various informations
  • 150 Push buttons in different colors and sizes, double functions with shift button
  • 6 Displays, Master Clock, Loop Recorder, Loop Size
  • 2 Jack inputs for additional control with external foot switch / expession pedals
  • USB bus powering Power supply via USB- Bus / consumption less than 500mA
  • USB Interface class compliant / no driver necessary
  • CNC shaped case Aluminium from Swiss aircraft industry (Avional)
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Eloxalprint scratch proof layout, clearly designed

Software Specifications

  • Special controller for DJ Software (optimised for Native Instruments, Traktor Pro 2.5)
  • Setup Files for Traktor Pro 2.5 in current Version 2.5.0 or higher
  • Indication of each relevant state by feedback data from software
  • System Mode for different basic settings (MIDI channels, Led brightness, etc.)
  • Remix Decks are limitiert controllable Dimensions
  • Dimensions 11.41" (290 mm) x 2.36" (60 mm) x 14.17" (360 mm) • Weight 2.8kg

All controls can be setup individually via the Traktor setup and attributed to every desired function. A modifier control makes this even easier.

via Music Industry Online